IFAN Brand History


The boss created the first production workshop and sold the products to different cities.


Formally established Zhuji Fengfan Piping Co.,Ltd.


Purchased the first PPR pipe production line and two PPR pipe fitting injection molding machines and invested 40 pairs of pipe fitting moldsIFAN belongina to the first batch of PPR pipe and fittings manufacturers in China.Registered trademark”smooth sailing.


We took part in exhibition for the first time and began to switch from domestic sales to foreign trade.


The second-generation member Wang Jiayun came to Yiwu for development
after graduating from University and rented half a store of the International Trade City.


Set up an office in Futian Building and had 3 production factories area in Zhuji city and began to participate in exhibitions in different countries.


The factory was put into production on Zhuji Xiaguang Road producing brass pipe fittings, ball valves, and laying out product ecological lines.Set up e-commerce department at Yiwu International Trade Building,and registered trademark IFANPLUS,began to take the road of brand.


Expanded new office“2115-2116”The staff is still increasing.The storefront of the Trade City has be redecorated to be more upscale and highlight the brand and qualityLayout domestically, participated in Beijing HVAC Exhibition,Shanghai Water Exhibition,etc.


The sales team continued to grow with more than 1000+the sample room is 1100+ m².

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