what is pex apipe?

PEX-A is a type of PEX pipe. It is made using the Engel method, which involves crosslinking the polyethylene material during the extrusion process. This results in a more uniform and consistent crosslinking throughout the pipe, making it more flexible, durable, and resistant to cracks and leaks. PEX-A pipes also have a higher degree of crosslinking, which allows them to handle higher temperatures and pressures.

PEX-A pipes are commonly used in residential and commercial plumbing systems for hot and cold water distribution. They are also used for radiant heating systems, where hot water is circulated through the pipes to heat the floors, walls, or ceilings. Additionally, PEX-A pipes are used in fire sprinkler systems, as well as in industrial and agricultural applications for the transport of chemicals and fluids. Their flexibility and ease of installation make them a popular choice for many different types of projects.



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